Open Source Festival

Festival for electronic music, Düsseldorf, Germany

Concept, design and production of the global communication media: logo design, indoor & outdoor advertising, magazine ads, promotion material, tickets, stage banners, web design, crew & promo shirts, business papers, batches, stickers, animations, orientation system and umbrellas.

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print & packaging

Advertisement, flyer, poster, editorial, casual, shops and product packaging — design concepts to pre-press.

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logo & corporate

Our highly diverse catalog designs for jewelry, fashion, wine as well as motocross equipment prove our customer-focused services.

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event media

Comprehensive and professional event communication requires a distinctive design of invitations, orientation systems, projections and websites. Good examples are a Daimler-Chrysler International Dealer Event, the Open Source Festival and a bucket load of club night flyers.

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tv & animation

Animating graphics along with video footage and sound has ever been our passion since the first Flash websites appeared. The Nike Art of Speed project in 2004 was our first video animation, followed by several TV shows for VIVA / MTV Networks and an image movie for EnBW.

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web design

Entertaining or corporate.
We produce progressive websites that are easy to administrate but difficult to keep your eyes from.

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